Bosom Buddies Action

Bosom Buddies Action

About the project

Bosom Buddies Action aims at raising awareness on traffic safety and individual responsibilities in fourth-grade students, their teachers, parents and school bus drivers. The project is carried through the cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Road Transport Regulation, Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Basic Education, and TÜVTÜRK.

Objectives of the project

  • Providing the source information teachers might need during the traffic safety course in a standard program.
  • In order to ensure successive behavioral change, illustrating the methods for teachers to affect their students and for the students to affect their parents.
  • Training other teachers via the representative teachers, thereby strengthening the general quality of traffic safety courses.
  • Considering the importance of school bus drivers in traffic safety, reaching these drivers through printed materials on basic principles for avoiding road crashes, and ensuring the encouragement and monitoring of the safe behaviors of the school bus drivers together with parents and students.
  • Via the website of the project, enabling the participants and supporters of the project access the materials on traffic safety in general and the documents and sources necessary within the scope of the project in particular; providing them with the means for interacting with the other stakeholders.
  • Keeping the issue of traffic on the agenda and making it a part of life.


Benefits of the project

  • Contributing to the development of safe behaviors and positive attitudes in traffic at early ages, thereby creating a future traffic environment with safer drivers and pedestrians.
  • Through this project, students will acquire positive attitudes and behaviors in traffic, take notice of the deficiencies and faults around them, and observe the behaviors of their parents in particular and other persons who might be role models for them and warn them.
  • Thanks to the project materials developed for children to affect their parents, the behaviors of the adults around the children will also change.
  • Parents will understand that they should monitor the school busses to ensure the safe travel of their children to and from schools.
  • The interaction between teachers, parents and students will be exploited to ensure safety of children in traffic.


The project is carried under five steps:

  • 1) Representative teachers attend the training seminar on traffic safety.
  • 2) Representative teachers train the other fourth-grade teachers at their schools using the materials provided to them.
  • 3) All class teachers train their students by using the original materials provided to them within the scope of the project during the traffic safety course.
  • 4) All class teachers train the parents of their students by benefiting from the original content provided to them within the scope of the project.
  • 5) All class teachers carry out informative activities for the school bus drivers at their schools.


Project website

A website has been developed within the scope of the project ( This site aims at supporting the practices at schools and provides an interactive environment for all students, by providing original and creative contents on traffic safety.

As of March 2016, 592 schools from 49 different cities were included in the project. Approximately 168 thousand students, 336 thousand parents, 8500 school bus drivers and 5500 teachers were reached.