Traffic Responsibility Action

Traffic Responsibility Action

Traffic Responsibility Action (Trafikte Sorumluluk Hareketi) is a corporate social responsibility project, carried out under the coordination of the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, in cooperation with the institutions and organizations operating in the field of traffic and vehicle safety, with the support of TÜVTÜRK. Traffic Responsibility Action aims at raising awareness in the public on traffic safety and individual responsibilities.

In order to produce permanent and sustainable solutions to the problem of traffic safety, many stakeholder organizations have been included in the project. The stakeholders of the project act like the steering committee of the project, providing support, assessment and sharing experience and know-how.

First announced publicly at the press conference held on May 4, 2010 in Ankara, the first stakeholder meeting of the project was held on the same day. The stakeholder meetings are held regularly. Stakeholder meetings are of great importance, as they provide the opportunity to assess the course of the project and benefit from new cooperation opportunities.

Traffic Responsibility Action reaches the specific target groups through specific sub-projects. Bosom Buddies Action aims at raising awareness on traffic safety in fourth-grade students, their teachers, parents and school bus drivers. Youth in Traffic Action targets the 12-grade high school students, their teachers, parents and school bus drivers. Iyı Dersler Sofor Amca (Now It’s Your Turn to Learn, Mr. Driver) reaches school bus drivers working in the mobile education system.

From 2010 to 2013, two sub-projects were realized: Safe Vehicle Action aimed at raising awareness on vehicle safety in professional drivers, while reaching the public through field activities. Safe Vehicle Action reached 260 thousand people in three years. Within the scope of the Responsible Citizen Action, teachers at the Public Trainings Centers were trained, and they trained their trainees. Through this method, Responsible Citizen Action reached more than 180 thousand people.