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To introduce the project to the public, 8 films were made. Two main films of Traffic Responsibility Action were shot by the famous director Ezel Akay. These films underlines the

key message of the project: "Act responsibly in traffic. All the time!"

Three films were made with celebrities. Kenan Imirzalioglu, Kenan Isik, and Grup Hepsi voluntarily took role in these films, carrying key messages for significant target groups. In addition to these, three animated films were made to deliver key messages to the audiences.

Upon the approval and authorization of the Radio and Television Supreme Council, these films are broadcasted free of charge, reaching millions of people.

Click here to watch or download the introductory films of the project.


All the communicative and informative materials used within the project are developed by experts. Besides, the representatives from the stakeholder organizations assess the materials used in the trainings and they make suggestions regarding the content and design of the materials.

Safe Vehicle Card

Safe Vehicle Card has been one of the most important means of communication within the scope of Traffic Responsibility Action. It was inspired by the safety cards used in planes. Designed in line with the ideas and suggestions of the stakeholders in respect of its content and visual design, it has been prepared in an attempt to provide collective information on traffic safety on a single and handy material. Besides, it provided the key topics touched in the training and communication activities carried out within the scope of the project.

Click here to view or download the Safe Vehicle Card.


To reach wide audiences all over the country, we used the key messages on our posters and delivered it countrywide thanks to the collaboration with our stakeholders.

Business World Platform

Thanks to the principle of stakeholder engagement, TRA's extent of influence gradually expands, and for the first time in Turkey, it brought together the private sector corporations having activities in the field of traffic safety through a supra-competitive understanding in the Business World Platform. The initiative, started in the coordination of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is open to all private sector enterprises sensitive to safety of life in traffic. Business Worls Platform's aim is to make all the private sector corporations sign a Traffic Safety Declaration.

TRA in Beykoz

TRA focuses on one target for the first time. With the cooperation of Beykoz Administrative District, Municipality of Beykoz and Beykoz Police Department, TRA will use all the know-how and educational materials in Beykoz. All three of Safe Vehicle Action, Responsible Citizen Action, Bosom Buddies Action educations and roadshows will appear in Beykoz. Beykoz oriented applications started on March 2012.


The greatest success achieved by the project has been the positive change in knowledge and behavior in the target groups it touched. Besides, prestigious national and international awards prove that the project is standing as a role-model project for traffic safety.

  • Best TV Ad in the Category of Social Responsibility (Crystal Apple Awards, 2011)
  • SABRE Excellence Award (SABRE Awards, 2011)
  • Best Road-show of the Year (The Turkish Association of Direct Marketing, 2010)
  • Grand Prize in the field of Active Support: www.trafikhareketi.org (Interactive Media Awards, 2011)
  • Grand Prize in the field of Child: www.candostlarihareketi.com (Interactive Media Awards, 2011)