Completed Sub-Projects

Safe Vehicle Action

Safe Vehicle Action was carried out from 2010 to 2013. It aimed at raising awareness on vehicle safety among professional drivers; on traffic safety and individual responsibilities among the public. To this end, training meetings were held for commercial vehicle drivers in cooperation with the Turkish Drivers and Vehicle Owners Association. 3200 drivers received the training in 3 years.

In addition, a specially designed trailer truck visited cities, to provide an environment for the public to learn by experience. In these field activities, participants were invited to use alcohol impairment goggles to experience how alcohol affect perception and reactions; safety belt simulator displayed the possible unfavorable results of not wearing the seatbelt; and psycho-technique device gave the participants a chance to assess their basic capabilities and abilities such as perception, memory tracing, reasoning, feet-hand-eye coordination, reaction time, peripheral vision, speed-distance estimation, collision time estimation. In addition, participants had the opportunity to ask questions about vehicle inspection to the TÜVTÜRK experts at the mobile inspection station brought to the activity field. In three years, more than 260.000 people were reached through field activities in 36 cities.