Traffic Responsibility Action has tried to incorporate as many institutions and organizations as possible to reach favorable results. To this end, number of the stakeholders increase gradually as new organizations make proposal for cooperation. Currently, the stakeholders of the project are as follows:

Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications

  • Directorate General of Road Transport Regulation
  • General Directorate of Highways


Ministry of Internal Affairs

  • Turkish National Police
  • General Commandership of Gendarmerie


Ministry of National Education

  • General Directorate of Basic Education
  • General Directorate of Secondary Education
  • General Directorate of Private Education Institutions
  • General Directorate of Lifelong Learning


Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning

Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology

Ministry of Health

Bogazici University

Erzincan University

Gazi University

Hacettepe University

Middle East Technical University

Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara

Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul

Municipality of Erzincan

Turkish Accreditation Agency

Turkish Drivers and Vehicle Owners Association

International Road Transport Union

TRT- Turkish Radio and Television Institution