Youth in Traffic Action

Youth in Traffic Action

About the project
Youth in Traffic Action is a corporate social responsibility project supported by Goodyear Turkey. The project is run within the scope of the Traffic Responsibility Action, which is carried out under the coordination of the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications with the support of TÜVTÜRK Vehicle Inspection Stations. Traffic Responsibility Action embodies more than 20 stakeholders in its steering committee, including government bodies, universities, trade associations, and municipalities. Since its launch in 2010, Traffic Responsibility Action has always been seeking ways to reach more people through collaboration with various stakeholders. In an attempt to bring the business world together to achieve greater safety in traffic, Traffic Responsibility Action sought ways to establish a business world platform. It was during this process that TÜVTÜRK and Goodyear planted the seeds of Youth in Traffic Action.

The drive for the project
In face of the worrisome figures declared by the WHO with regard to the cause of death for age-groups, the stakeholders of the Traffic Responsibility Action had already expressed the need to address the youth, because road accidents were the number one cause of injury deaths for the age group 15-29 on a global scale.
Building upon the already functioning mechanism of the Traffic Responsibility Action, Goodyear signed a protocol in 2012 with the Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and TÜVTÜRK Vehicle Inspection Stations to develop the Youth in Traffic Action under the umbrella of Traffic Responsibility Action.

Prior to the start of the project, Goodyear organized focus group meetings with the primary target groups: teachers and students. The outputs of these meetings led the way for the design and development of the project while showcasing the need for supportive materials to be used during the Traffic and First Aid course.

Aim and target groups
The project aims at raising awareness on traffic safety and developing individual responsibility among the target groups: teachers of Traffic and First Aid course, school bus drivers, 12th grade students and their parents.

Training the teachers to increase their capacity is the first step of the project. Then, the teachers train the parents, school bus drivers and students by using the specially developed materials and contents.

The training set for the students consists of 10 case studies on various topics and supports the existing curriculum. This method was intentionally chosen as the students mentioned they wanted the contents to appeal to them.

Traffic Safety and First Aid Clubs and Young Ideas for Traffic Safety
Apart from the in-class practices, Traffic Safety and First Aid Clubs are positioned as a vital element of the project. Being inactive under normal conditions, these clubs are turned into the coordinating bodies for the teams in schools that develop communication campaigns on traffic safety for the Young Ideas for Traffic Safety.

Teams can apply to the Young Ideas for Traffic Safety, a prize-competition among the students designed to promote active learning and engagement. Until now, students have gone beyond the expectations, by simply putting into practice their communication campaigns in their cities, whereas they have originally been supposed to just ‘design' it. It is both surprising and pleasing to witness vigorous volunteers in action, who encouraged the project partners to open the competition to all high schools in Turkey in its second year.

Reach and outcomes
In four years, Youth in Traffic Action reached 200 teachers, 40 thousand students, 80 thousand parents and 2000 school bus drivers. Nonetheless, it is evident that the value produced for the entire stakeholders is just greater than that. The project partners are highly satisfied with the outcomes of the project.